KOVALEVSKII, Mikola. Ukraïna pid chervonim iarmom. Dokumenti i fakti.

Warsaw and Lviv, Skhid, 1936.


8vo. Original printed wrappers in red and black; pp. 204 [4], folding map; edges of wrappers a little frayed; even light toning due to paper stock; a very good copy.

Very rare first edition of this analysis of the Holodomor in Ukraine. Holodomor is the man-made famine that killed millions in Ukraine in order to establish Stalinism. 'Mykola Kovalevsky, who in 1919 had served as minister of agrarian affairs in the government of the UNR (Ukrainian People’s Republic) wrote in 1937: “The slogan of collectivization of agriculture in Ukraine was understood by the communist administration as a slogan of struggle against the largest social group of the Ukrainian people - the peasantry. The introduction of collectivization became transformed into the systematic destruction of material wealth, and when resistance was encountered into the physical destruction of the Ukrainian peasantry. Collectivization was the reason for the complete disorganization of production and called forth local revolts of the peasantry against Soviet power. These were put down with great ruthlessness, as in an occupied country” (Kovalevsky, 126-27). He concluded that the famine “will always remain a terrible example of the clear destruction of the Ukrainian people by the Russian occupier”' (Myroslav Shkandrij, Ukrainianization, terror and famine: coverage in Lviv’s Dilo and the nationalist press of the 1930s, in: Nationalities Papers: The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity 40.3,