SPEED, John. Surrey Described and Divided into Hundreds.

Original copper engraved map with skillfull later hand colouring from Speed's The Theatre Of The Empire Of Great Britaine published by Bassett and Chiswell. With attractive inset views of the long-since destroyed Richmond and Nonsuch Palaces, compass rose, scale of miles, coats of arms and decorative strapwork. 1676. 380 x 510 mm.

John Speed (1552-1629) is arguably the most famous of all the British cartographers. His Theatre Of The Empire Of Great Britaine, first published in 1611, was the first atlas to cover all of Great Britain whilst his later work of 1627, Prospect Of The Most Famous Parts Of The World was the first world atlas to be published by an Englishman. In his county maps Speed updated the work of Saxton and Norden adding his own innovations such as inset town plans and views of local landmarks resulting in maps that were not only the most accurate and informative of the day but also the most decorative.

A lovely example in fine condition. Putney bridge has been added at a later date