Morrison, Tony Margaret Mee - In Search Of Flowers Of The Amazon Rainforest

~b~Suffolk, Nonesuch Expeditions,~i~ 1989.


MEE, Margaret Ursula. Flowers of the Brazilian…

one of 100 signed de luxe copies with an original gouache

MEE, Margaret Ursula. Flowers of the Brazilian Forests Collected and Painted by Margaret Mee Foreword on the Brazilian Forests by Roberto Burle Marx with a Preface by Sir George Taylor.

London: L. van Leer & Company for The Tryon Gallery in association with George Rainbird, 1968.


Folio (530 x 390mm). Original full natural vellum by Zaehnsdorf, gilt facsimile of author's signature blocked on upper board, vignette of a tejú-assu lizard after Mee blocked in gilt on…

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