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The simple search facility on the left of every page finds items by looking at the full text of our stock records. The form below will enable you to futher refine your search to specify what you require in more detail.

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Search Methods

  • A "natural language" search — word order and punctuation are not important but only whole words are found; results are sorted by relevance.
  • As above, but words can be given more importance with a preceding + sign
  • …or less importance with a preceding - sign
  • Short or common words are ignored such as "and", "almost" or "known" so searching for these alone will yield no results.
  • Normally only whole words are found, but an asterisk can be used to indicate partial words eg. egypt will only find "egypt"; egypt* will also find "egyptian"
  • Words must be in the correct order. May be useful to find an exact book title or quote for example. There is still some flexibility - partial words are found.

NB. The "simple" search form on the left of every page calculates which of the above should produce best results.