DARWIN, Charles Robert. The Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication...In Two Volumes.

John Murray, 1899.


8vo. Two vols. Original green cloth with original dustwrappers; pp. xiv + 473, x + 494; bindings pristine, dustwrappers a little dulled to spines, mainly uncut, a little internal foxing, very good.

Second edition, eighth impression. Copies in the original wrappers are extremely rare. "This represents the only section of Darwin's big book on the origin of species which was printed in his lifetime and corresponds to its first two intended chapters" (Freeman, p. 122).. The theory of Pangenesis, currently discussed as the inheritance of acquired characteristics, is here expounded by Darwin for the first time. Other chapters consider "the amount and nature of the changes which animals or plants have undergone whilst under man's dominion", employing observations of inheritance within a species in an effort to understand the causes of variability. This is one of Darwin's most influential and wide-ranging books. It is also his longest and most detailed work.

Freeman 898.