GRAF, Ulrich. Plastiches Sehen. Zwei Anaglyphentafelm mit erläuterndem text als Anschauungs- and Lehrmittel zur Photogrammetrie, Stereoskopie und Physiologie. Mit zwei rot-grünen Betrachtungsbrillen.

Dresden: L. Ehlermann. [nd, c. 1935].


4to. Two anaglyph 3D cards 300 x 210 mm, printed in red, cyan and black, printed text mounted to verso, with two pairs of 3D glasses in red and cyan, contained in original cream printed envelope; envelope a little browned and worn at edges, otherwise very good indeed.

A rare example of an early demonstration of 3D vision. Plate I illustrates image separation using a picture of a wine glass, while Plate II uses the image of a cuboid to demonstrate spatial affinity.