The chieftain had been turned into a pumpkin although, in accordance with the rules of universal humour, he still had his hat on.

PRATCHETT, Terry Lords and Ladies

London, Victor Gollancz, 1992.


Large 8vo. Original blue cloth, with pictorial dust wrapper; pp. 275; an excellent copy inscribed by the author to title page "To Paddy…Boo!", with an additional doodle of Death's scythe.

First edition, inscribed by the author. Lords and Ladies is the fourteenth Discworld novel, which continues the Witches narrative that began in Equal Rites and Wyrd Sisters with a pastiche on A Midsummer Night's Dream complete with the dry footnotes, fantastical satire and sharp turn of phrase that made him one of the bestselling authors worldwide.

‘We taught her everything she knows,’ said Granny Weatherwax.
‘Yeah,’ said Nanny Ogg, as they disappeared into the bracken. ‘D’you think ... maybe...?’
‘D’you think maybe we ought to have taught her everything we know?’
‘It’d take too long.’

The dust wrapper illustration for Lords and Ladies was the third try by Josh Kirby (who illustrated the covers of many Pratchett books), as the artist found many of his attempts refused by the publisher as inappropriate or unusable. The final art for this edition was a a panorama of various scenes from the novel crammed in together, and was discarded for the paperback version.